Why Better Before Bigger?

If you are reading this maybe you are asking, why better before bigger? Well, I will tell you. When I first started pastoring I always thought that i had to keep up with all the other churches and if I wasn’t running a hundred people by the end of my first year, then I wasn’t successful. That thought is completely false. We are successful by being the absolute best church that we can possibly be. We are God’s church and God’s church deserves the best of what we can possibly get. If we take care of what we currently have then God will allow us to grow and thrive, but first we must be healthy.

I recently heard Andy Stanley tell a story on his podcast to leaders about Truett Cathy, owner and founder of Chick-fil-a. Chick-fil-a was having a meeting of all the executives and they were trying to figure out how to become bigger faster. During all the conversation, Truett Cathy sat quietly listening at the end of the table and finally he had had enough and started banging his fist on the table. Truett Cathy made a statement that has made an impact on my life. He said, “Stop talking about getting bigger faster.” Then he continued saying, “If we will get better, then our customers will demand that we will get bigger.

This statement is true for the church today. If we will get better at what we do right, then the people will demand that we get bigger. What are you focusing on in your ministry. Are you trying to make everything that you do in ministry better or are you just worried about how big your congregation will be.

God demands our best and we should give Him our best. Don’t allow the hype of the mega-church get your priorities off course. God has a plan for you and your church and you need to stick to that plan even if it means that you will grow slower than what you had planned. God’s plan is the best plan, figure out what that plan is and get better at it.