I want to take a minute and express my gratitude towards all the faithful supporters of Cliff Terrace Church. On June 11, 2018 we sold a piece of property that the church had which enabled us to pay of a church debt that to my knowledge was a part of this church since the beginning.

Our church was established in 1975. I don’t know all the history, but I do know that the current mortgage that we just paid off at least started with the building of our current sanctuary, which was built in 1983. I do know of the church’s situation then.

Today, I am happy to say that it has been a long time coming but we are finally there. Our church, after 43 years is debt free. What a feeling it is? I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

However, our work is not done. It is just the beginning. I believe God has more in store for us. I don’t know what all the future holds but I am ready. I am ready to see what God is going to do.

As a church we must prepare for what is coming…