Miracle of the String: She Heard Jesus

Mark 5:25-34 is the story about a woman that had a flow of blood for 12 years. She was desperate for a miracle. She had gone to doctors. Spent lots of money. She was considered an outcast and was needing a miracle.

There were three steps that this woman went through in order for her to receive her miracle from Jesus that day. Today, I want to look at the first step which was She Heard of Jesus.

What happens if you hear about something special and you don’t respond? You don’t receive that special something do you?

For instance, if I told you that I personally wanted to give you $1000 and all you had to do was come see me, you would miss out on that $1000 if you didn’t come see me, right?

The woman with this flow of blood issue did just that. She not only heard that Jesus was coming but she decided to take action.

Jesus has spoken to us in His word. He has given us instructions on what He wants us to do. All we have to do is follow His word and be obedient to what He is telling us. This woman responded to the news that Jesus was coming, you need to respond to what Jesus is telling us in His word.

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