Learning to Fully Trust God

A few weeks ago I preached a sermon on John 14:1 which says, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.” This word from Jesus came at a time when the disciples could see no hope. They had been told that Jesus, their Messiah and friend would be going away. They had been told that He was going to die. They were told that one of them would betray Jesus and Peter was told that he would deny Christ not once, not twice, but three times. The air had been let out of their sails. So Jesus tells them, trust me I got this.
Since I preached this message I have seen God use opportunities to test how much I trust Him. We have seen this through change that has taken place at the church I pastor. We have seen this through people that have left our church. We have seen this through power outages at the church and just recently through my car breaking down on the way to my aunt and uncles 50th wedding anniversary party. Each time it was like God was saying to me, trust me I got this. And each time I have seen God blow me away with how He’s responded and I continue to see His response.
I have always trusted God with my life and ministry but not to the extent that I have recently.  I have chosen to not move or do anything until I have heard from my heavenly father that loves me very much. I choose to put my entire life in His hands.
Many times people try to solve their own problems without consulting God and we wait until chaos happens before we call out to Him. I choose to consult with Him before the storm and trust that when the storm comes that that storm is part of the process He using to answer my need. When the storm comes, Jesus says, “trust me, I got this!”