The Barna Group states that only 3% of churchgoers actually tithe on a regular basis. Think about it this way, if you have a church of 100 people, then only 3 of those people tithe every time they get paid. So, who does this hurt?

Some people will tell you that the church needs your money. To be honest, it helps but as I have experienced in my own church, God has always and will always provide the needs for His church.

I believe that it is hurting the individuals, those who aren’t being obedient to God’s word. Malachi 3:9 tells us that if we don’t give our tithes then we are cursed. Verse ten even encourages us to test God and see if He will not bless us. Verse eleven says that God will not destroy the fruit of your ground and verse twelve tells us that nations will call us blessed. All of this just because we were obedient and gave God the first fruits of our labors, the tithe.

Could this be the reason why so many churchgoers seemed to be hurting; because they didn’t give God their first fruit?

I can honestly say that I am a blessed Pastor with a blessed church and I see blessed people in my congregation. I get to hear amazing stories of how God is blessing the families of my church because they have been obedient to what God is calling them to do. I believe that you too can be blessed if you walk in obedience and tithe.

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