Leadership Lessons Learned from Football

Recently, I read an excerpt from Tony Morgan’s book Killing Cockroaches. I wanted to share one particular part in this book. He called it Leadership Lessons I learned from Football. I will give my two cents for what it’s worth.

First of all let me say, I love football. I love football season. I hope that what Tony wrote and what I say will make people think. Here it goes.

T – 1. If thousands of people make some noise, it can get pretty loud. When lots of people get focused on one thing, they can sure make some noise.

My 2 Cents – Isn’t this the truth. Why can’t we relate this to the church? We, as the church, should speak up, but what we speak up for is mostly political agendas and what’s bad in the world. Isn’t it obvious that the world is getting worse according to God’s standards. When you read the Bible, you can see times that the world was in chaos, but God had people that stood up and made some noise. They spoke truth and love. They spoke of God’s love.

T – 2. People will do some crazy things to worship something they love. Paint their bodies. Raise their arms. Jump around. Sing songs. Clap. Chant. Even in the craziness of a nationally televised game, though, there are security personnel who are charged with keeping the “worship” orderly.

My 2 Cents – This makes me want to question do we love God enough. Do we have to raise our hands in worship or clap or jump or anything else in order worship God? No we don’t, but we act like fools at football games and then get annoyed when the preacher asks us to stand and sing or encourages us to raise or clap our hands. Jesus gave up His life for us and a football team did nothing for us.

T – 3. When you really believe in something, you’ll take a stand. Clemson fans don’t sit down. I haven’t figured out why they installed seats in the stadium. The fans were on their feet for the entire four hours.

My 2 Cents – During a thirty minute worship service many people can’t make it five minutes.

T – 4. People will put their money where their heart is. They’ll spend $30,000, as an example, just to own a piece of land to tailgate before and after the game. They’ll invest millions of dollars into a facility to help recruit new athletes. It’s amazing the cash people will lay down for something they love.

My 2 Cents – In church if the preacher mentions anything about money people say, “all he ever does is talk about money.” Matthew 6:21 says, “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

T – 5. When the cause is big enough, people will give their time. I’m convinced time is our scarcest commodity today. But people started showing up very early the morning of the game to stake out their territory. They hung out with friends. They served each other meals. They walked miles to find parking spaces. They stood in the football stadium for more than four hours. They sat in traffic for a couple more hours after the game. It takes a big investment of time to support something that’s bigger than yourself.

My 2 Cents – How much time have you given to God lately the master and ruler of the universe? Are we satisfied with 5 minutes of bible reading and an hour on Sunday? Doesn’t God, the one who sent His son to earth to die for you deserve more time than football?

I love football, but I never want it to become more important to me than my relationship with God.

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