Are You Causing Someone to Stumble


This is something all of us should consider. Paul was using meat as an example, but basically he was refereeing to anything that might cause another believer to stumble.
We tend to use the excuse like, I have a right to do it or the bible doesn’t say it’s a sin. We try to package things up the way our conscience would be clear. The truth is if we are doing something in front of a believer that might cause them to stumble, we shouldn’t do it.
A perfect example is drinking. The bible doesn’t say you shouldn’t drink but if you are drinking in front of a recovering alcoholic then you might likely cause that person to stumble.
We must realize that are actions doesn’t just affect us, but they affect those around us.
The next time you do something, make a conscience effort to decide if what you are doing well cause someone to stumble.

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