Veteran’s Day Prayer

Today I had the privilege of giving the invocation at the Veteran’s Day service at the National Cemetery in Fort Smith, AR. I want to share that prayer with you for Veteran’s Day.

Our Gracious Heavenly Father,

We come before you on this special day to honor all of the military personnel that have served this great country. Lord thank you for giving us men and women who were willing to sacrifice and serve so that we could enjoy the freedom and liberties that this great nation stands for. Lord, if we ever forget or take for granted this freedom then quickly bring to our remembrance the suffering that it took to maintain this freedom.

Lord, today we pray for the veteran that was wounded during combat. We pray for those that have lost limbs, became deaf or blind or any other lifelong reminders of the horror that war can bring. We pray for those that are suffering from the unseen wounds of the mind and any neurological disorders. We pray for the veterans that are in homeless shelters or living on the streets. We pray for their safety and comfort.

We pray for those on active duty and those who are in the Reserves. Keep them safe and secure. And give them strength and wisdom to do what they have been called to do.

Finally, we pray for the family of those that are serving, the wives, mothers and fathers. We ask that you watch over the marriages that have paid a high price. We pray for the children who will miss their mom or dad this holiday season. Fill them with your love and understanding and give them a way to communicate this Christmas with their parents.

Now, as we open up this service, let us show our appreciation. We ask all of this in your son’s name, the one who gave up His life on a cross so that we could experience eternal life


Thank you veterans for giving to this great country. God Bless our Veterans!

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