How Would Jesus Feel About the Church of Today?

When you read the gospels and you understand who Jesus really is, ask yourself one question, would Jesus be pleased with the church of today?
When I look at Christ and the way He lived His life and the walk that He walked here on earth, does the church of today exemplify who Christ really is?
Jesus was someone who loved the unloveable. He hung out with the prostitutes. He sat next to the lepers. He dined with the tax collectors, the most hated. Thieves were in His inner circle of twelve. He touched the shameful and forgotten. He blessed the low life. Everywhere Jesus went the outcast would flock to Him.
Today, do our churches show the world the true Jesus. Are we more concerned with drawing people to Christ or taking on the latest church trend? Are we more concerned with reaching lives for Christ or having a social club? Are we more concerned with whether as Christians we can drink or are we striving to be holy?
What kind of church are we today? Are we a church that is more concerned about pleasing people or do we want to please Christ?
As a church that shares Christ, everything that we do should be done to please God. We should point people to Christ. We should win the lost. We should disciple the saints. We should love the unloveable. We should strive for holiness. We all know that we will never be perfect, but we should reach for it.
Jesus never said it would be easy. Jesus never said it wouldn’t be messy. Jesus never said that you would be loved by everyone. We know that he wasn’t. Matter of fact, the people that should have been on His side were the very ones that pushed to have Him crucified.
Jesus spoke the truth even when it wasn’t popular and he loved everyone. The church should follow His example.